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  • Vasil Rangelov  [2013-09-25 13:50 UTC]

    I think a name like "XMLQuery" might be confusing given the existence of the XQuery language, who's name is derived exactly out of "XML Query".

    Maybe "XML_CSSQuery"? "XML_pQuery" (the "p" standing in for "PHP")? I don't know...

    Also... khm... PEAR coding and naming standards.
  • Gonzalo Chumillas  [2013-09-25 18:49 UTC]

    Thanks Vasil. I love the name XML_pQuery :) About the naming standards, I'll change the code to adapt it to the community standards. Thanks.
  • Michael Gauthier  [2013-09-25 19:58 UTC]

    1.) This appears to have the same functionality as Your API is a bit higher level but functionally they do much the same thing. The symfony package is pear installable from

    If you're going ahead, then the package should have "CSS Selector" in the name as that's what you're doing.

    2.) The PHP_CodeStandards tool can help you make the code PEAR-compliant.

    3.) constructor1, constructor2 and constructor3 methods should have better names.

    4.) The load() method seems out of the scope of this package. At most, this package should accept a filename or URL and just use the default PHP commands to read the file content. Ideally I'd like to see that removed and you are just required to pass a DOMDocument.

    Somewhat related, isURL() won't work for all URLs.

    5.) Recreating the DOM API seems crazy. Why not just return DOMNode where necessary rather than re-implementing add/remove/insert/etc?

    6.) I'm not sure if __invoke() provides any benefit here. Code like

    $xquery = new XQuery(...);
    echo $xquery('my-selector')->text();

    isn't easier to read than just calling $xquery->select()

    7.) Use type-hinting in method signatures where possible. For example in CSS classes.

    8.) A lot of your member variables are private when they should be protected to allow subclassing.
  • Gonzalo Chumillas  [2013-09-26 01:58 UTC]

    Hi Michael.

    1. The CssSelector class is used to convert css selectors to xpath expressions. This package pretends to be a replacement of the DOM extension. It simplifies the access to the XML documents. The package is inspired in the jQuery API.

    2. I just discover the PHP_CodeSniffer tool. It is a great tool :) Thanks.

    3. You are right. I wasn't inspired then.

    4. The class pretends to avoid the use of the DOM API. No more DOMDocument, DOMElement, DOMNode, DOMNodeList etc... just pQuery objects :)

    5. same as point 4.

    6. You are right. This is confusing. I will remove this behavior in the next release.

    7. and 8. I'll keep that in mind.

    Thanks for your help.