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  • Philippe Jausions  [2009-12-02 19:17 UTC]

    Couple of comments.

    - Avoid using the PHP license. MIT, LGPL, New BSD etc are preferred ones
    - The existing Number_Roman package already handles the Roman to Arabic conversion
    - Package should be PHP 5+
    - Put the code of your package directly viewable online
    - Use func_get_args() to eliminate duplicate functions gcm(), gcm_mult() and so forth
    - function names should be camelCase isPositive() vs is_positive()

    I don't know what your date and conversion functions do, but they shouldn't be in the same package as an equation-related one.
  • Matthew Fonda  [2009-12-02 20:43 UTC]

    Some comments:

    - For finding roots and evaluating equations, Math_Numerical_RootFinding already provides much of this functionality.

    - For number conversion, Number_Roman already provides this.

    - Math_Fraction already provides lcd / gcm

    - Math_Polynomial already provides some of the other features.

    - flip_sign, is_positive, is_negative, is_null all seem pretty useless; what's wrong with if ($num < 0)?

    - {...} syntax for square root seems a bit odd.