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  • Adam Harvey  [2007-07-10 13:09 UTC]

    Generally looks good. A few minor nits:

    - Exceptions in PEAR packages need to extend from PEAR_Exception, not Exception, per the coding standards. That should just be a matter of changing the extends clause in Services_SharedBook_Exception from extending Exception.

    - You can access SimpleXML attributes more simply than you are as array elements: for example, $apiAnswer->attributes()->status could be replaced with $apiAnswer['status'].

    - At present, your tarball isn't installable. If you change the package name to Services_SharedBook in package.xml, it'll work.

    Beyond that, I can't test it as I'm not a member of SharedBook at present, but it looks solid. Just a shame about the HTTP_Client situation at present.
  • Alex Lavrov  [2007-07-10 13:29 UTC]


    Fixed exception issue.
    Fixed package.xml

    About XML, it's only works with status, I prefer it will be that way, since is more readable (I think).
  • Alex Lavrov  [2007-07-10 13:34 UTC]

    Oh, yes ..

    If anyone wants to try he example, just register for free:

    Or you can see it work (python version of this wrapper) on