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  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2004-04-10 19:04 UTC]

    It looks good.

    General remark:
    PEAR.php is included while it is only used for errors.

    You probably want to use raiseError instead of throwError. I would then suggest you write a custom raiseError method which includes PEAR.php on demand. That will avoid loading the entire class every time.

    There are some minor CS issues :-)
    else {

    should be

    } else {


    should be

    require_once 'PEAR.php';
  • Greg Beaver  [2004-04-13 04:17 UTC]

    very cool, will be useful as rdf gains hold of the web.

    The documentation must include at the very least, a link to a detailed description of what a TrackBack is.

    Perhaps translateToRSS() should be toRSSXML() in keeping with the convention of toHTML() toArray() and so on

    pingResult() => getPingXML()

    It is unclear which methods should be used for sending trackbacks, and which should be used for receiving them. I would recommend putting the server ones at the bottom and labelling them.

    I wouldn't use PEAR::throwError() with just error messages, error codes are required as well. PEAR::raiseError('Invalid PATH_INFO', NET_TRACKBACK_INVALID_PATHINF). I would recommend having a bit more verbose error messages
  • Tetsuji Koyama  [2004-04-13 08:49 UTC]

    I fix the code according to the above-mentioned advice.