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  • Fabio Ambrosanio  [2006-05-23 13:53 UTC]

    Good Idea!
    Maybe I would correct nomenclature:

    HTML_QuickForm_Table instead of ElementTable

    and, of corse, $form->addElement('table',...
    instead of $form->addElement('elementTable', ...
  • Fabio Ambrosanio  [2006-05-23 15:16 UTC]

    exportValues does not work.
    Actually, I think the class needs to override exportValues
  • Fabio Ambrosanio  [2006-05-23 15:21 UTC]

    Errata Corrige.
    ElementTable class must override getValue.

    A suggestion: maybe elementTable could extend group element instead of 'element' itself.
  • Fabio Ambrosanio  [2006-05-24 08:37 UTC]

    IMHO ...
    I would have overloaded getvalue, only
    In this way exportValues returns

    [elementTable] => Array ( <rows values> )

    and it can be useful if you want to have two or more tables with the same elements and obviously different names, like with group element
  • Philippe Jausions  [2006-09-15 16:32 UTC]

    Hi Justin,

    What stage are you at with this proposal?

  • Philippe Jausions  [2006-12-04 05:44 UTC]


    Not a chance to see this move forward?