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  • bertrand Gugger  [2006-01-04 14:45 UTC]

    I sustain totally colder's proposal.
    We already discussed it over a lot.
    Our world needs really more intelligent Maths, I'm sorry colleagues are so bored and have no time to consider it. (and some other proposals)
    That, with the way mathematical expressions are written down is to accord among developpers.
    One goal here is to get some ways thru the symbolic expressions of functions and their derivatives so we can easily interpolate some ( any :) ? ) systems.
    Nice job !
  • Jesus M. Castagnetto  [2006-01-09 13:40 UTC]

    The code looks good to me on a cursory view.

    Some minor things, mostly naming of vars and such, for example, there is no "deepness" in english, it should be "depth" (in the parse() method). Also, perhaps the method definedx() could be names defineArgumentVar() or setVariableName() or some such thing, initially I thought the method was checking if "x" was defined because of the name.

    The bits in the class that should be immutable will be better marked as final, if you want to be only PHP 5 compatible. For what I see, I did not find a reason why this is only PHP 5 compatible, the logic used could be easily done to be BC with PHP 4.

    Overall, I like the proposal a lot.
  • Ants Aasma  [2006-01-11 16:20 UTC]

    This package generated some interesting ideas for a generic mathematical function package. So I took a few hours and threw them together as a quick hack. You can view it at:

    If you think this is a good idea, I'll take some time and polish it up. If anyone wants to join me, I welcome any help. :)