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  • Alan Knowles  [2005-04-20 06:05 UTC]

    I wonder if Reflection_Annotation is a better name? - since it extends Reflection.

    or even Reflection_Comments as it relates to parsing the comment blocks (possibly for more than just the @data, given the discussion about introspection for SOAP type stuff..)
  • Sebastian Bergmann  [2005-04-20 06:12 UTC]

    I have no problem with calling the package Reflection_Annotation.
  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2005-04-20 07:50 UTC]

    I also think Reflection_Annotation would be a better name.

    Do you have any pointers on what annotations are and what they are useful for ?
  • Sebastian Bergmann  [2005-04-20 07:58 UTC]

    Annotations complement Doc Comments and add metadata to the code that can be used, for instance, by tools that work on or with the code.

    In J2SE 1.5 annotations can be read from source files, class files, or reflectively at run time. My current implementation for PHP 5 allows for reflective access at runtime. Access from source files will be added later.

    For information on annotations in J2SE 1.5 see
  • Justin Patrin  [2005-04-21 02:38 UTC]

    Does this also allow pulling of the general comments? i.e. "A Class" in:

    * A Class
    * @foo bar
  • Sebastian Bergmann  [2005-04-21 05:38 UTC]

    No, but you can get those with the getDocComment() methods the Reflection API provides.