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  • Ian Eure  [2005-02-03 00:34 UTC]

    Is there something wrong with Archive_Tar?

    Perhaps this energy could be better spent getting Archive_Zip into a releasable state.
  • Greg Beaver  [2005-02-03 00:40 UTC]

    Clearly a lot of great work has gone into this package.

    What are the chances you could pop up some .phps files so we can see the full glory of your work?

    You should know right now that pOOcl is unlikely to be accepted as pOOcl, but it is likely to be accepted as something like Archive with subclasses Archive_Writer/Archive_Reader [note: before a flame war starts, the name "Archive" is just a suggestion]. The main reason is that the name pOOcl doesn't describe what the thing does.

    I took a quick look at the code, and the size is impressive. You have decent docs, also. Before proposing this to PEAR, however, you need to spend some attention to a few of the basic coding standards. Most important is:

    1) use phpDocumentor tags and documentation style.
    2) always use {} for blocks. This code:

    if (blah)

    *will* break for you when you start adding stuff later on (speaking from experience). Instead use:

    if (blah) {

    I really admire the work you've put into this, just a few tweaks and it would be PEAR-ready. You might take a look at using a beautifier like the one with phpEdit, or PHP_Beautifier in PEAR to make the transition to PEAR coding style a bit easier.