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  • Bertrand Mansion  [2004-12-09 10:16 UTC]

    This looks good.
    Could you try to be more consistent in your PHPDoc blocks and fix some CS issues, for example check where you put brakets and parenthesis if () not if(),
    function ()

    not function () {

    Try to use foreach() instead of while (list = each).
  • Bertrand Mansion  [2004-12-09 22:52 UTC]

    Looking at stateDiff(), it seems $return_array is not initialized with $return_array = array(); before being used so you will get a notice. It is required to write your code in PEAR with error flag set to E_ALL, this way you are reported notices.
  • Robert Peake  [2004-12-10 03:32 UTC]

    CS, PHPDoc, and uninitialized values issues resolved in the latest version (0.0.6).
  • bertrand Gugger  [2004-12-11 12:22 UTC]

    ** Users dedicaced **
    The alert system should be dedicaced to users alerted.
    Not have whole alerts sent to all users.
    Alert systems in organizations, web or industry, *must* dispatch to given team.
    If some "free" enterprise likes to propose a "free" web watching service and alert, then it *can only* be user dedicaced.
    As the package organizes the stuff, to do that, the alarm must be run for each combination of users/service and then, a user can get many messages.

    ** Associated message **
    The message associated with the status is a good help, e.g. HTTP 404 can significate a lot of things and it's some more info from the back package to give a message.
    As the message is stored but won't give a new alert a difference can exist between the server storage and what alert was sent.
    So 1) the message could depends on the state (1 state <=> 1 message).
    OR 2) an option could raise alert if only message changes.
    Surely it's to be studied with the language interpretation...

    Anyway such a package can have a great future !