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File: Cached.php

Source Location: /System_Folders-1.0.5/System/Folders/Cached.php


Provides a cached version of System_Folders.

Page Details:

Provides a cached version of System_Folders.

It also has methods to read folder settings from an ini file.

Simpe example: require_once 'System/Folders/Cached.php'; $sf = new System_Folders_Cached();

//load the stored settings from last time $sf->loadFromFile(); echo $sf->getHome();

//Set an own documents directory $sf->setDocuments('/home/cweiske/MyDocuments/'); //Save the settings for next time $sf->saveToFile();

PHP version 4


require_once('System/Folders.php') [line 29]
require_once('Config.php') [line 30]
require_once('Config/Container.php') [line 31]

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