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Class: Net_CheckIP

Source Location: /Net_CheckIP-1.2.2/Net/CheckIP.php

Class Overview

Class to validate the syntax of IPv4 adresses



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Class to validate the syntax of IPv4 adresses

Usage: <?php require_once "Net/CheckIP.php";

if (Net_CheckIP::check_ip("your_ip_goes_here")) { // Syntax of the IP is ok } ?>

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Method Detail

check_ip   [line 60]

bool check_ip( string $ip)

Validate the syntax of the given IP adress

This function splits the IP address in 4 pieces (separated by ".") and checks for each piece if it's an integer value between 0 and 255. If all 4 parameters pass this test, the function returns true.

  • Return: true if syntax is valid, otherwise false


string   $ip   —  IP adress

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