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File: Mdb2.php

Source Location: /Net_CDDB-0.3.0/CDDB/Protocol/Mdb2.php


Connection protocol for querying a database import of FreeDB data

Page Details:

Driver class for Net_CDDB_Client/Server, query a database of FreeDB data


require_once('Net/CDDB/Utilities.php') [line 21]
Require the utilities class, needed for calculating disc ids
require_once('Net/CDDB.php') [line 26]
We need the constants from the Net_CDDB base file
require_once('Net/CDDB/Protocol.php') [line 31]
All protocols extend the Net_CDDB_Protocol base class
require_once('MDB2.php') [line 36]
MDB2 database class

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