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File: Client.php

Source Location: /Net_CDDB-0.3.0/CDDB/Client.php


Class for communication with CDDB/ servers

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Object-oriented interface to accessing CDDB servers

CDDB servers provide track/artist/album/etc. information about audio CDs. A disc-id is calculated for an audio CD and then the CDDB database can be queried for possible matches. Detailed data can then be retrieved from the CDDB database including track titles, album name, artist name, disc year, genre, etc.


require_once('PEAR.php') [line 26]
PEAR class for error handling
require_once('Net/CDDB.php') [line 31]
CDDB Base class (provides some generic methods, constants, etc.)
require_once('Net/CDDB/Disc.php') [line 36]
Class to represent an CDDB audio disc is required
require_once('Net/CDDB/Protocol.php') [line 41]
Base class for CDDB protocols
require_once('Net/CDDB/Utilities.php') [line 46]
Utilities class for disc id calculations and record parsing

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