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Image_Barcode2_Driver_Code128 class

Renders Code128 barcodes Code128 is a high density encoding for alphanumeric strings. This module prints the Code128B representation of the most common ASCII characters (32 to 134).

These are the components of a Code128 Bar code:

  • 10 Unit Quiet Zone
  • 6 Unit Start Character
  • (n * 6) Unit Message
  • 6 Unit "Check Digit" Character
  • 7 Unit Stop Character
  • 10 Unit Quiet Zone
I originally wrote this algorithm in Visual Basic 6 for a Rapid Software Development class, where we printed Code128 B bar codes to read using Cue Cat bar code readers. I rewrote the algorithm using PHP for inclusion in the PEAR Image_Barcode2 project.

The Code128B bar codes produced by the algorithm have been validated using my trusty Cue-Cat bar code reader.

PHP versions 5

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require_once('Image/Barcode2/Driver.php') [line 44]
require_once('Image/Barcode2/Common.php') [line 45]
require_once('Image/Barcode2/Exception.php') [line 46]

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