The class Text_Highlighter contains all necessary functionality to perform the syntax highlighting except for the actual highlighting rules for the different formats. These rules are defined in subclasses of Text_Highlighter, but one must not directly instantiate these subclasses. Instead the object-oriented factory pattern is used to create a highlighter object depending on the format:

Highlighting a SQL query

require_once "Text/Highlighter.php";

$hlSQL =& Text_Highlighter::factory("SQL");
$hlSQL->highlight("SELECT * FROM some_table WHERE id = 12");

This code generates a highlighted version of the SQL SELECT-query that is passed to Text_Highlighter::highlight in HTML. It is possible to customize the output to e.g. instead generate output suitable for usage on a console. This is described in the section Output Customization.

In order to produce syntax highlighting for other formats, one must replace the argument value SQL of Text_Highlighter::factory with one of ABAP, CPP, CSS, DIFF, DTD, HTML, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, MYSQL, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, RUBY, SQL, or XML.

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