Class Summary Net_Server_Driver_Sequential

Class Summary Net_Server_Driver_Sequential – Sequential server class.

Sequential server class.

This class will handles all connections in one server process. This allows you to build servers, where communication between the clients is easy. The drawback is that clients are served sequentially (hence the name). If you send large blocks of data to a client, the others will have to wait. For servers where communication between clients is not needed, use Net_Server_Fork instead.

Events that can be handled:

  • onStart

  • onConnect

  • onConnectionRefused

  • onClose

  • onIdle

  • onReceiveData

  • onShutdown

Class Trees for Net_Server_Driver_Sequential

Net_Server_Driver_Sequential Inherited Methods

Inherited from Net_Server_Driver
Method Name Summary
Net_Server_Driver::getLastSocketError() return string for last socket error
Net_Server_Driver::setCallbackObject() register a callback object, that is used to handle all events
Net_Server_Driver::setDebugMode() set debug mode
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