Example – using Net_Server

Creating a simple daemon

The following example shows, how easy it is to build a forking server that receives data and sends it back to the user.

Creating a simple talkback daemon

// server base class
require_once 'Net/Server.php';
// base class for the handler
require_once 'Net/Server/Handler.php';

 * simple example that implements a talkback.
 * Normally this should be a bit more code and in a separate file
class Net_Server_Handler_Talkback extends Net_Server_Handler
    * If the user sends data, send it back to him
    * @access   public
    * @param    integer $clientId
    * @param    string  $data
function    onReceiveData$clientId 0$data "" )
$this->_server->sendData$clientId"You said: $data);
// create a server that forks new processes
$server  = &Net_Server::create('fork''localhost'9090);
$handler = &new Net_Server_Handler_Talkback;
// hand over the object that handles server events
// start the server
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