Net_MAC::__construct() – Constructor


require_once 'Net/MAC.php';

Net_MAC::__construct ( object $db , array $options )


This is the constructor that will create and populate a valid Net_MAC object.


  • object $db - This parameter must be a valid MDB2 object.

  • array $options - An array of options to use with the database in retrieving MAC address vendors. The associative array should have key/value pairs as follows:

    Net_MAC::__construct() options
    Option Description
    tablename The name of the table where MAC address vendor information lives
    macaddrcol The name of the column containing the MAC address prefixes
    vendorcol The name of the column containing the vendor name
    desccol The name of the column containing any extra descriptive information derived from the vendor list

Return value

void - No return value. A Net_MAC_Exception Exception object will be thrown if there is an error during construction


The constructor can throw exceptions on error, so the constructor should always be called from inside a try/catch block.


Instantiating a Net_MAC object

require_once 'Net/MAC.php';

$db_type 'pgsql';
$db_host 'localhost';
$db_user 'username';
$db_name 'dbname';
$db_pass 'password';

$dsn "$db_type://$db_user:$db_pass@$db_host/$db_name";

$dbh =& MDB2::factory($dsn);

if (
MDB2::isError($dbh)) {
"MDB2 Error: ".$dbh->getUserInfo();

$dboptions = array('tablename' => 'macvendors',
'macaddrcol' => 'macaddr',
'vendorcol' => 'vendor',
'desccol' => 'description');

try {
$nmh =& new Net_MAC($dbh$dboptions);
} catch (
Net_MAC_Exception $e) {
'Net_MAC Error: ' $e->getMessage();


throws Net_MAC_Exception

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