Math_ComplexOp::multIm() – Returns the product of a complex number and an imaginary number if: x = b + c*i, y = a*i; then: z = x * y = multIm(x, a)


require_once '/ComplexOp.php';

Math_Complex |PEAR_Error & Math_ComplexOp::multIm ( Math_Complex $c1 , float $im )


This package is not documented yet.


Math_Complex $c1

float $im

Return value

returns A valid Math_Complex number on success, PEAR_Error otherwise


No exceptions thrown.


This function can be called statically.

Returns the product of two complex numbers: z = c1 * c2 (Previous) Multiplies a complex number by a real number: z = realnumber * c1 (Next)
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