Introduction – About Gtk2_VarDump

About Gtk2_VarDump

Gtk2_VarDump is a simple GUI to examine PHP variables, for example complex arrays or objects. It displays the variable and all sub-variables/array keys/sub-objects in the left pane (a GtkTreeView), and the actual values in a list view on the right side.

The class is very easy to use: Just include the file, and call the static display method with the variable you want to have dumped.

Showing a variable with Gtk2_VarDump

//include the file
require_once 'Gtk2/VarDump.php';

$myvar = array(
'hello'=> 'world',

//graphically dump the variable in an own window
Gtk2_VarDump::display($myvar'variable title');
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