constructor Cache_Lite_Function::Cache_Lite_Function

constructor Cache_Lite_Function::Cache_Lite_Function() – Constructor


require_once 'Cache/Lite/Function.php';

void constructor Cache_Lite_Function::Cache_Lite_Function ( array $options = array(NULL) )


The constructor of the Cache_Lite_Output class. You can give an associative array as an argument to set a lot of options.


array $options

associative array to set a lot of options (see Cache_Lite constructor for details). Be careful, with Cache_Lite_Function, additional options are available (comparatively to Cache_Lite). There are described on the following table.

Option Data Type Default Value Description
[...] [...] [...] See Cache_Lite constructor for more options
defaultGroup string Cache_Lite_Function default cache group for function caching
debugCacheLiteFunction boolean FALSE debug the caching process
dontCacheWhenTheOutputContainsNOCACHE boolean FALSE Don't cache the method call when its output contains the string "NOCACHE". If set to true, the output of the method will never be displayed (because the output is used to control the cache)
dontCacheWhenTheResultIsFalse boolean FALSE Don't cache the method call when its result is false
dontCacheWhenTheResultIsNull boolean FALSE Don't cache the method call when its result is null


This function can not be called statically.

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