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Request #15537 IIS REQUEST_URI compatibility
Submitted: 2009-01-07 13:08 UTC
From: hm2k Assigned: hm2k
Status: Closed Package: PHP_Compat (version 1.6.0a2)
PHP Version: 5.1.6 OS: Windows
Roadmaps: 1.6.0a3    

 [2009-01-07 13:08 UTC] hm2k (James Wade)
Description: ------------ I'm not sure whether this is within the realm of PHP_Compat, but it's something to consider... You don't actually need to impliment it as suggested, but the principles are the same.


 [2009-01-21 13:44 UTC] hm2k (James Wade)
Although it's not a PHP issue, it's an environment issue. Users have come to rely on $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], there should be a fall back in case it's not there as expected. This issue is mentioned many times: It's always been denied as a PHP issue, however, it is something that PHP can handle.
 [2009-05-01 19:24 UTC] hm2k (James Wade)
Unless there are any complaints I will add this to the CVS. Thanks.
 [2009-05-01 19:55 UTC] hm2k (James Wade)
The reference for this appears in RFC2616 section 5.1.2 ( as "REQUEST-URI". It is clearly a HTTPD specification, but it has become a standard Apache HTTPD environment variable, which in turn has become a invaluable PHP environment variable. I'm not entirely sure when and how "REQUEST-URI" became a standard, but it is certainly used in that way. There is no reference to it in the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) Specification documentation on Environment Variables: It is clearly a common issue when large/popular PHP software implements a function to tackle the issue: Details of the REQUEST_URI are found here: With this in mind, I am on the understanding that PHP should support it, regardless of whether the HTTPD passes it or not. Unless there are any complaints I will add this as an environment compatibility.
 [2009-05-07 02:57 UTC] arpad (Arpad Ray)
Sounds ok to me, as long as it leaves REQUEST_URI alone if it's already set. It should probably also consider register_long_arrays and register_globals.
 [2009-05-07 03:03 UTC] arpad (Arpad Ray)
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 [2010-08-01 19:21 UTC] hm2k (James Wade)
At revision: 301756 Note: I have considered register_long_arrays, but not register_globals since these are superglobals anyway.
 [2010-08-01 19:21 UTC] hm2k (James Wade)
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